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DP Double Teamed by My Brother and Daddy Cop (Daddy's Girl #5) Gangbang Sister Sex, Daughter Sex, Daddy Sex and Cop Sex      Billionaire Sugar Daddy Sex (Daddy's Girl 6) - A Billionaire Sex Taboo Erotica Story      DP Double Teamed by My Teachers (Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut #4) - A Menage Threesome Student Teacher Sex Erotica Story

My Two Daddies - Daddy's Girl 4     Sex on the Beach with My Ex's Daddy     Forgive Me Father

How I Became a Stripper - Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1     DP Double Teamed VIP Room      Virgin Sex Collection: 3 Erotica Stories Bundle

Losing Virginity Daddy: Diary of a Nymphomaniac 1            Diary of a Nymphomaniac 2: Caught by My Best Friend's Daddy          DP Double Teamed on Prom Night (Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut #3)

Daddys Girl Collection 1            Losing My Virginity             Anal Sex Virgin

The Quickie       Professors Oral Exam      Lesbian Sex Story

Daddy’s Girl Series (Pseudo Incest) – Vol. 1 – 3

My Daddy Cop      First Threesome with Daddy           DP Doubled Teamed

New Releases:

8/1/13     Sports Camp Sex (A Hot Public Sex / Sports Sex Erotica Story)
6/21/13   Daddy Stories Erotica Collection (3 Sexy Stories) – on Amazon
3/27/13   Twitter Crush (updated “Twitter Fuck Buddy”)
12/29/12 Oral Fixation – An Oral Sex Story
12/12/12 DP Double Teamed by My Teachers (Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut #4)
12/5/12   Billionaire Sugar Daddy Sex (Daddy’s Girl 6)
11/12/12  DP Double Teamed by My Brother and Daddy Cop (Daddy’s Girl #5)
11/8/12   Oral Persuasion (College Sex and Sorority Sluts 2)
11/1/12    Sex Education – Erotica Bundle of 3 Erotic Stories (Sex Ed Lessons 1, 2, 3) 
10/18/12 Spanked by my Teacher (Sex Education Lesson #3 :Spanking Sex)
10/12/12 Confessions of a Stripper – Erotica Bundle – 3 Erotic Stories Collection
8/8/12     Oral Sex Ed (Sex Education Lesson #2)
7/30/12   Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Sex Education Lesson #1)
7/5/12     DP Double Teamed Bundle – 3 MFM Erotica Stories Collection
7/3/12     Losing My Virginity on Independence Day
6/10/12   Sex on the Beach with My Ex’s Daddy
6/10/12   Forgive Me, Father
6/10/12   The Massage
6/8/12     My Two Daddies (Daddy’s Girl #4)
5/26/12   Gangbang Sex Party (Confessions of a Stripper #3)
5/10/12   DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room (Confessions of a Stripper #2)
5/10/12   How I Became a Stripper (Confessions of a Stripper #1)
4/27/12   Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut (Diary 1, 2, 3) on
2/23/12   Virgin Sex Collection – Amazon
2/22/12   7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories Collection (or 5 Stories Collection)
2/11/12    Valentine’s Day Sex Sluts – 3 Stories Collection
1/26/12   Bedtime Erotica Collection – 5 and 7 stories collections
1/17/12    3 Erotica Stories Collection – Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut
1/11/12     Diary #2: Caught by My Best Friend’s Daddy
1/13/12    DP Double Teamed on Prom Night
1/13/12    Anal Sex Virgin


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