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Feb 24, 2012

7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories Bundle

 7 Erotica Bedtime Sex Stories Bundle

This limited edition collection is no longer available. But get the 5 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories now
while it’s still available! Get the bundles of 5 or 3 stories and save over buying them individually.

5 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories – Kitty Fine Erotica Collection (5 Erotika Sex Short Stories Bundle)

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7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories Bundle

The latest erotica bundle, “7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories” is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It includes 7 erotica short stories with a linked Table of Contents and bonus material excerpts. The seven sizzling hot erotic short stories include: the latest three erotica stories (Valentine’s Day Sex Sluts Stories), Anal Sex Virgin, Lesbian Sex Story: My First Time, Professor’s Oral Exam, and My Daddy Cop (Daddy’s Girl #1).

7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories Bundle

Read more about the stories included in this erotica bundle:

1. Twitter Fuck Buddy

2. Office Slut

3. Bound and DPed

4. Anal Sex Virgin

5. Lesbian Sex Story: My First Time

6. Professor’s Oral Exam

7. My Daddy Cop

7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories

The 7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories bundle is now available at Amazon.  Click here to browse or buy it now on Amazon.

Now available for the Barnes and Noble Nook. Click here to buy it at

7 Bedtime Erotica Sex Stories

Buy the erotica bundles and save over buying the short stories individually. Stay tuned for updates on this erotica collection and other erotica bundles. Go through and pick your favorite erotica bundles.


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