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May 14, 2012

How I Became a Stripper – Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1

How I Became a Stripper - Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1

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How I Became a Stripper – Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1

This is the first book in the Confessions of a Stripper series, and a semi-autobiographical tale based (partially) on a true story.

Amazon Top 10 bestselling erotica author and former stripper Kitty Fine recounts some of her sexy stripper experiences in “How I Became a Stripper.” When she meets Don, a handsome, rich casino executive, she learns the tantalizing art of the private lap dance, and gets an offer she can’t refuse. How can she say no to her sexy regular customer when he asks her to spend the night?

Confessions Series Starts with “How I Became a Stripper”

Get it now on Amazon by clicking here. Now available to buy on Apple iTunes.

Excerpt from “How I Became a Stripper” Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1

I smile as he gently raises my chin with his hand and kisses me deeply. I mutter in agreement into his mouth. His hands cup and squeeze my breasts underneath my shirt. We stumble forward into the suite.

I’m filled with the subtle scent of his cologne and the heat and weight of his body as he presses firmly against me. We tumble onto the couch. He sits back while I stand, and he draws me towards him.

“Dance for me, baby.” He leans over and turns on the music with a remote.

I start swaying my body to the beat. I look deeply in his eyes as I wiggle my hips and ass for him. I slowly strip off my top and skirt while he leans forward in anticipation.

I tease him a little more, rubbing up against him and thrusting on him. Reaching behind me, I unhook my bra and dance around as I slip it off, holding my tits with my hands. I fondle and rub my tits, squeezing them together and eventually revealing my full perky breasts and big nipples. He smiles as he watches and mutters something in approval.

I get up and turn around to give him a nice view of my ass as I slowly bend over to strip off my little black lace thong.

“Oh God, baby, that’s a nice ass.” I wiggle it a little in front of him as I turn around, now fully naked.

“So I guess we don’t have to worry about those club owners or bouncers now,” I tease as I climb onto his lap to straddle him. God, he smells and looks so good.

He grabs my ass with his hands and pulls me towards him to lick my nipples and suck on my breasts. His tongue teases and circles around my nipple as he fondles and squeezes the other one. I let out a little gasp and moan at his forcefulness. It’s unexpected but so hot. I like it.

Get it on Amazon: How I Became a Stripper – Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1

Keep reading by getting it now! Get it now on Amazon by clicking here. Now also available to buy on Apple iTunes. No Kindle or iPad needed; you can read it online on your computer, with an app or phone.

Don’t forget to pick up the followups to this erotica short story  — “DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room” Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #2. And pickup part 3, “Gangbang Sex Party.”


  • I loved it Kitty you really know how to play on a girls fantasies. I can’t wait for more of this.

  • Thanks, Peggy! So glad you enjoyed it! xx

  • Can I write the sequel How I did not become a stripper 😉 It involves the American mafia and a woman called Pat 🙂

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