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Jan 25, 2012

Three Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories

Twitter Fuck Buddy


UPDATE 2/14/13: Happy Vday! All three Valentine’s Day Sex stories are available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Links updated below. Enjoy! xxx

Hey Sexy Readers,

I’m getting ready to release three new erotica stories in a new series for Valentine’s Day. The first erotic short, Twitter Fuck Buddy, is available now on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The second story, Office Slut, was just released and is available on Barnes & Noble (and soon on other outlets). The third story, Bound and DPed, is TBA but scheduled for the middle or end of next week, about 2/10/12.

Valentine’s Day Sex – Sluts Stories Series

In this three story series, we follow three sexy roommates and their erotic experiences on Valentine’s Day. Cat, Iris, and Cindy start their Valentine’s Day lusting for sex. Each of the hot girlfriends finds her fantasy fulfilled in an unexpected way.

1. Twitter Fuck Buddy – Cat, an erotica writer, fantasizes about her Twitter crush. His tweets make her wet but she fights to keep her anonymity and professionalism with him. She thinks Valentine’s Day won’t be anything special, until he volunteers to show up in real life to give her some hands-on help with her erotica stories. Will she give in and make him her Twitter fuck buddy?

Twitter Fuck Buddy is available now on Amazon and B&N. It will be on other outlets soon. Click here to get Twitter Fuck Buddy now.

2. Office Slut  – Iris has a new life with her newfound hotness and new job. And she’s especially crazy about her hot new boss. A sexy older and assertive man like him makes her weak. When he makes her work late on Valentine’s Day, she gets her chance to get reamed by the boss in a very good way. To her surprise and excitement, an office co-worker watches as she gets bent over the boss’s desk.

Office Slut is now available on B&N! It will be on other outlets soon but you don’t have to wait. You can enjoy it now with a free Nook app for your computer or phone. Find out more or get Office Slut now.

3. Bound and DPed – Cindy’s new boyfriend has a special surprise for her on Valentine’s Day. She gets her biggest fantasy – a hot threesome – come true when she realizes her Valentine’s Day gift involves a blindfold, silky restraints, and a second mystery man. She recounts every detail of how she gets bound and DPed.

Read the full description and a sexy excerpt from Bound and DPed now.

Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories Series – Covers

I’m finalizing the book cover for the final story of the series. Here’s the cover for Office Slut:


And here’s the cover for the third story, Bound and DPed. It’s now available online on Amazon and B&N.

Bound and DPed (#3 Valentine's Day Sex Sluts Stories Series)

Watch this space for updates on these upcoming stories and their availability on Amazon, B&N, and other outlets.


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