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Jan 31, 2012

Twitter Fuck Buddy (Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories Series)

Twitter Fuck Buddy

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Twitter Fuck Buddy (Story #1 – Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories Series)

Ever wanted to meet a Twitter Fuck Buddy in real life? Then you’ll love Twitter Fuck Buddy, the first story in this sizzling series where an erotica writer takes Twitter flirting to the next level.

In my latest series, Valentine’s Day Sex Slut Stories, we follow three sexy roommates and their erotic experiences on Valentine’s Day in three erotica short stories. Cat, Iris, and Cindy start their Valentine’s Day lusting for sex. Each of these hot girlfriends finds her fantasy fulfilled in an unexpected way.

1. Twitter Fuck Buddy – Cat, an erotica writer, fantasizes about her Twitter crush. His tweets make her wet but she fights to keep her anonymity and professionalism with him. She thinks Valentine’s Day won’t be anything special, until he volunteers to show up in real life to give her some hands-on help with her erotica stories. Will she give in and make him her Twitter fuck buddy?

Twitter Fuck Buddy is now available to buy online at:

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Muah! Enjoy!

Jan 30, 2012

Bedtime Erotica Stories Collections by Kitty Fine

7 Bedtime Erotica Stories by Kitty Fine
7 Bedtime Erotica Stories by Kitty Fine

AVAILABLE NOW: Click here to browse or buy 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection.

5 and 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collections

My latest two collections are now available on Barnes and Noble Nook for your reading pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you have a Kindle or Nook, you can read these stories with a free app. There’s a free app you can download for most devices such as the Nook app for Kindle, iPad, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android.

7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection by Kitty Fine

You can get the 5-stories Bedtime Erotica or 7-stories Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection, whichever you prefer. Both offer a great value but I recommend the 7-story collection as you save the most at 52% off versus buying the stories individually. Here’s more on the 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection featured in the picture above:

In this bedtime erotica short story collection, there are 7 erotica short stories for your reading pleasure. This bundle contains hot detailed sex scenes including older men and younger women, pseudo incest stepdaddy sex, threesomes, double team, college sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, quickie sex and lots of intensely satisfying orgasms.

Seven sizzling hot erotica short story titles included in this bedtime collection are:

1. My Daddy Cop (Daddy’s Girl #1)
2. First Threesome with Daddy (Daddy’s Girl #2)
3. DP Double Teamed (Daddy’s Girl #3)
4. Professor’s Oral Exam
5. Anal Sex Virgin
6. Lesbian Sex Story: My First Time
7. The Quickie

Buy 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection by Kitty Fine

Right now, this collection is the biggest bundle that I offer, so it’s also the best deal for my fans, who I adore. Buy the seven-story collection now, and save more than 50% over buying them individually.

Click here to browse or buy the 5 stories collection on B&N now.

Click here to browse or buy the 7 stories Bedtime Erotica Stories collection now.

Thanks for reading, sexy. Muah!


As always, my main focus is continuing to write hot smut for my readers. But as time allows, I’ll be publishing these stories on other platforms to give my readers more choices, and to reach new readers. I’ll post updates here if and when my stories are available via other outlets.

Jan 13, 2012

Anal Sex Virgin

Anal Sex Virgin

NOW AVAILABLE: Anal Sex Virgin
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Anal Sex Virgin

Eighteen year old Abby has been fighting her sexual urges for her hot boyfriend Scott for weeks because she is trying to stay a virgin. Despite her good girl appearances, she gets turned on fantasizing about being a slut for a change. She plans to have her cake and eat it, too. Abby gives her ass to Scott and gets treated like the bad girl she’s always wanted to be. She manages to hold on to her virginity, but after this rough and sexy romp in her rump, she won’t be an anal sex virgin anymore!

Anal Sex Virgin

Now available! No Nook or Kindle required. You can read it anywhere with a free app for the PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Nook, iPad.

Click here to buy it on Amazon or Buy it on Barnes & Noble

Jan 5, 2012

Losing My Virginity to My Daddy: Diary of a Nymphomaniac #1

Losing Virginity Daddy: Diary of a Nymphomaniac 1

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A new series in coming called the Sex Diary of a Nymphomaniac Slut. Also known as Diary of a Nymphomaniac.

This the first erotic short story in a 3 part series, which may be expanded in the future.  Click here to sign up for free email updates and I’ll announce when updates to the series are available (along with other new releases).

Hope you enjoy! Read on to find out more about this story and the series.

Losing My Virginity to My Daddy

Nymphomania runs in our family. We just can’t help it.

This erotic short is the first story from my sexy baby sister’s diary. Candy tells you how she lost her virginity to our ex-stepdaddy right after her 18th birthday party. She couldn’t wait any more to lose it, or she was going to explode! She gives you every juicy detail of how she seduced him in the hot tub. And Candy is such a tease. She even gave her best friend’s brother a free public sex show, as he was watching the whole time.

Browse on Amazon: Losing My Virginity to My Daddy.

Buy it on Barnes and Noble.

Warning: For adults 18+ only! This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language. All characters are 18+.

Contains: mf, virgin sex, voyeurism, oral sex, explicit sex, dirty talk, exhibitionism and lots of hot sex and toe-curling orgasms as told by a nymphomaniac slut, my sexy baby sister.

Available now on Amazon to read online or on your computer. Kindle optional.

Browse or buy it now on Amazon: Losing My Virginity to My Daddy.

Buy it on Barnes and Noble.

Or buy the bundle and save over buying the stories individually! Click here to browse or buy the 3-story bundle.

Dec 22, 2011

Losing My Virginity to My Best Friend’s Daddy – First Time Sex Short Erotica Story

Losing My Virginity to My Best Friend's Daddy - Explicit Sex Short Erotica Story



UPDATE: This story has a new title and is now known as “Losing It to My Best Friend’s Daddy” on Amazon. It’s the same hot erotic story, just with an updated cover and title.

Losing My Virginity to My Best Friend’s Daddy – First Time Sex Short Erotica Story

Eighteen year old Kim has a thing for older men and a serious crush on her best friend’s sexy daddy.  She wants him bad and is ready to lose her virginity. As she babysits for him, she finally gets her chance to get taken by a real man.

This sexy short story is a prequel to the Daddy’s Girl Series (Pseudo Incest).

Contains: Explicit sex, mf, oral sex, rough hardcore sex, cuckolding, masturbation, dirty talk, rough sex and hot orgasms!

Excerpt from “Losing It to My Best Friend’s Daddy”

“Here you go…” he trailed off as he stared and got a good look up my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties and I wondered if he could tell. Seeing his trousers get tight, I guessed that he could. He cleared his throat and sat back down next to me.

“So, um…were the kids okay for you?” He seemed a little nervous as I felt the thick tension in the air between us. My heart was racing as I tried to play it cool.

“Yes, sir. They were great. Although a little heavy, carrying them around.” I smiled and rolled my neck a bit. “Yeah, they’re getting kind of too big for that. Here, let me help.”

Then his big warm hands were on my shoulders, carefully massaging my neck and shoulders. The tingle lit up in between my legs as he sensually rubbed my soft skin. I felt myself getting weak under his touch.

“Ooh, that’s perfect,” I cooed as I closed my eyes to savor his touch and take in his musky scent. I could almost feel his eyes burning on my cleavage.

I felt the desire burning up inside me as he continued to knead my skin for what seemed like an eternity. We didn’t speak. Was it finally going to happen?

Then I felt his big warm hands travel down to my upper arms as he drew closer. My eyes were still closed as I may have held my breath. His hot breath was on my neck, and he started to kiss my neck softly. A soft moan escaped my lips and I felt his hands reach under my arms to cup and squeeze my breasts gently.

* * * *

Buy “Losing It to My Best Friend’s Daddy” now on Amazon.



Dec 5, 2011

My Daddy Cop: Daddy’s Little Girl Daddy Sex – Spread ’em for StepDaddy – Daddy’s Girl Series (Story #1)

My Daddy Cop: Daddy's Little Girl Daddy Sex
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Next Series Story: First Threesome with Daddy – Story #2
Get the Daddy’s Girl Bundle of all three stories & save!

My Daddy Cop: Daddy’s Little Girl Daddy Sex – Spread ’em for StepDaddy

Warning: For adults 18+ only! This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language.

Get this sizzling hot ebook to read anywhere. Buy it now to read on Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, iPad or computer (with free app for Kindle or Nook).

SIZZLING, HOT, HARDCORE XXX SEX, SEX, SEX … as only erotica author Kitty Fine can serve up.

Ebook Description for My Daddy Cop: Daddy’s Little Girl Daddy Sex – Spread ’em for StepDaddy

Kim knows she’s a hot teenage slut but she doesn’t care. When she gets caught doing it with the school’s quarterback by her sexy cop stepdad — she knows exactly what she needs to do to get him to stand at attention, which involves handcuffs, frisking and a pool table.

Buy My Daddy Cop on Amazon now or buy it on Barnes and Noble.

All characters are 18+ and no minors are depicted in this work. Includes hardcore pseudo-incest, step-father/step-daughter sex, cop sex, family sex, older man younger woman, oral sex, m/f.

I aim to please and I take my readers’ feedback seriously, so if you have any feedback, I truly appreciate your leaving a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Reviews are like gold to authors and I read every one of them. And feel free to contact me!


Kitty Fine


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