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Nov 8, 2012

Oral Persuasion (College Sex and Sorority Sluts 2)

Oral Persuasion (College Sex and Sorority Sluts 2)

Oral Persuasion (College Sex and Sorority Sluts 2)
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Oral Persuasion (College Sex and Sorority Sluts 2)

Nikki’s a naughty nympho sorority pledge who can’t get enough in her first year of college. When the hot college president confronts her about her sexy professor’s “oral exam,”  how will she use her powers of oral persuasion and body to convince him?

This erotica short story of about 3,800 words is the second title in the series, College Sex and Sorority Sluts, following the first story, “Professor’s Oral Exam.”

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and other websites. I’ll post when it’s updated.


Jan 30, 2012

Bedtime Erotica Stories Collections by Kitty Fine

7 Bedtime Erotica Stories by Kitty Fine
7 Bedtime Erotica Stories by Kitty Fine

AVAILABLE NOW: Click here to browse or buy 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection.

5 and 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collections

My latest two collections are now available on Barnes and Noble Nook for your reading pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you have a Kindle or Nook, you can read these stories with a free app. There’s a free app you can download for most devices such as the Nook app for Kindle, iPad, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android.

7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection by Kitty Fine

You can get the 5-stories Bedtime Erotica or 7-stories Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection, whichever you prefer. Both offer a great value but I recommend the 7-story collection as you save the most at 52% off versus buying the stories individually. Here’s more on the 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection featured in the picture above:

In this bedtime erotica short story collection, there are 7 erotica short stories for your reading pleasure. This bundle contains hot detailed sex scenes including older men and younger women, pseudo incest stepdaddy sex, threesomes, double team, college sex, anal sex, lesbian sex, quickie sex and lots of intensely satisfying orgasms.

Seven sizzling hot erotica short story titles included in this bedtime collection are:

1. My Daddy Cop (Daddy’s Girl #1)
2. First Threesome with Daddy (Daddy’s Girl #2)
3. DP Double Teamed (Daddy’s Girl #3)
4. Professor’s Oral Exam
5. Anal Sex Virgin
6. Lesbian Sex Story: My First Time
7. The Quickie

Buy 7 Bedtime Erotica Stories Collection by Kitty Fine

Right now, this collection is the biggest bundle that I offer, so it’s also the best deal for my fans, who I adore. Buy the seven-story collection now, and save more than 50% over buying them individually.

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Thanks for reading, sexy. Muah!


As always, my main focus is continuing to write hot smut for my readers. But as time allows, I’ll be publishing these stories on other platforms to give my readers more choices, and to reach new readers. I’ll post updates here if and when my stories are available via other outlets.

Dec 13, 2011

Lesbian Sex Story: College Sex First Time Sex – Girl on Girl

Short Story Description

Shy Natalie falls in lust with her college teacher, a sexy married woman. A virgin to sex and lesbian sex, she gets an intimate lesson from her teacher. In this erotic short story, she confesses every detail of her development of lust and her very first time sex – girl on girl sex.

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Or buy it on Barnes & Noble or iTunes/iBooks.

Excerpt from Lesbian Sex Story: College Sex First Time Sex Girl on Girl

She moved slightly closer to me, looking honestly concerned with an adorable frown lining her forehead.  I looked down, her eyes were too inviting as they searched for mine.  What the hell is wrong with me?

I looked up. I looked her square in the eyes and by some force, its origin unknown to me, I told her exactly why I couldn’t be around her.  After what seemed like an eternity of me confessing my sins, she just smiled and looked at me intently.

I hadn’t noticed it before but she was sitting considerably closer to me now, within reach.  I could smell her scent, a mixture of fruit and soap, a fresh smell that enveloped my senses and made me forget where I was for a moment.  It was in this intoxicating moment that she folder her arms around me, gave me a slight squeeze, then released me a bit and whispered in my ear “I’m sure there must be something we can do to remedy the situation”.

And then I felt it.  Her lips touched mine, they shaped into a kiss and involuntarily I kissed back.  But she held her mouth over mine, kissed me again and with her tongue she wet my top lip, then my bottom one, and slowly my lips parted and welcomed her tongue inside my mouth.


Buy it now on Amazon or or Barnes & Noble, iTunes/iBooks or Smashwords.

Dec 7, 2011

Professor’s Oral Exam: College Sex – Teacher Sex Erotic Story (College Sex and Sorority Sluts)

Professor’s Oral Exam: College Sex - Teacher Sex Erotic Story
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Professor’s Oral Exam: College Sex – Teacher Sex Erotic Story 

A college sex / teacher sex erotic story (short story). Naughty Nikki is a nympho sorority pledge who wants a private lesson with her hunky college professor and a hot story to tell her girlfriends. She gets off on teasing her Professor in class and seducing him to give her a bad girl spanking and oral exam and more.

Here’s a little teaser (ahem) before all the good stuff happens…

EXCERPT from Professor’s Oral Exam:

“Did you like what you saw today?” I asked devilishly. My excitement was making me really bold, but I didn’t care.

“Uh, uh, Nikki,” he stammered. He tried to back away but he was against his desk and couldn’t escape. I grinned sweetly and pressed a little harder so he could feel my firm, full breasts on his chest against his shirt.

“Nikki, this isn’t… I mean, we can’t…” he tried to get out the right words, as he stood frozen, his eyes unable to leave my deep cleavage, now pushed up against him and inches away from his face. I was so turned on – I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I wasn’t leaving until I got what I wanted.

“Don’t worry, Professor. I won’t tell, if you won’t tell,” I whispered in his ear.


Professor’s Oral Exam: College Sex – Teacher Sex Erotic Story

It’s a hot hot sex story that makes me squirm just thinking about it. So whatcha waiting for? 😉

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And get the follow up story, “Oral Persuasion” now. Each story can be enjoyed on its own or together in any order.

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