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Feb 9, 2012

Bound and DPed (#3 Valentine’s Day Sex Sluts Stories Series)

Bound and DPed (#3 Valentine's Day Sex Sluts Stories Series)

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Bound and DPed (#3 Valentine’s Day Sex Sluts Stories Series)

An overworked and oversexed recent college grad and waitress, Cindy desperately needs a night of passion with her date Johnny tonight on Valentine’s Day. He teases her and taunts her with a special surprise all night while he plays with her at his NYC apartment. Could it be one of her biggest sexual fantasies, getting blindfolded, bound and DPed?

When Johnny throws in a few surprises, including a blindfold, silk ties, and another man — Cindy finds herself vulnerable, turned on, and driven to the brink and beyond with a mysterious sexy stranger. Blindfolded and bound, and relying only on her other senses, she gives in but wonders about her mystery man. Does she know him? How does it all happen? Follow Cindy as she tells you every explicit detail on how she gets her hot Valentine’s Day surprise.

Warning: For adults 18+ only! This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language. All characters are 18+.

Approximate story length: 6,200 words or 18 pages in MS Word. Contains bonus material excerpts.

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Excerpt from Bound and DPed

I walk at a sexy and slow pace as I go up the stairs in Johnny’s NYC walkup apartment. It’s only a few flights and I’m very aware of my hot date right behind me, staring at my ass.

Mmm, I’m slightly buzzed from our Valentine’s Day dinner drinks and couldn’t be happier. As I climb the steps, I think about what a great day it’s been so far, and what an incredible night lays ahead.

“So what’s the special surprise you have for me tonight, Johnny? Is it something kinky?”

“You’ll see. Keep walkin’, sexy,” he answers from behind me. “Mm, look at that sweet ass!”

I giggle at him as I continue walking up the last couple flights. I’m ready to burst as I can’t believe I got two days off work. After graduating from NYU, I’m stuck waiting tables at the local diner downtown and work all the time. But it’s been a tough time for many in these harder economic times and I feel lucky that I have a job. And I’m thrilled that I didn’t have to go into work today and have off tomorrow.

A devilish voice speaks up in my head. Cindy, that means you can fuck him all night long.

I shudder a little and my pulse quickens. I can feel my panties getting wetter just thinking about it. Almost there. One more flight.

I spent my day off getting ready for tonight’s date with Johnny on Valentine’s Day. I got to do some fun shopping for sexy lingerie, got my hair and nails done, had a relaxing massage, and met up with him for an early dinner. It was the perfect day. But I couldn’t stand waiting. All I could think about was Johnny taking me and fucking me hard.

At dinner, I couldn’t help my roaming hands. While we wrapped up our dinner, my hands slipped under the table so I could rub his cock through his pants. Feeling him get hard under my hands made me wet and squirmy. I looked him in the eye and smiled, letting him know I wanted him to whisk me away to his apartment right then. He quickly paid the bill and we left. We hopped on his motorcycle and zipped through the city streets to his West Side apartment.

Gripping onto his waist as his bike vibrated and hummed in between my legs just turned me on even more. We flew through the city streets at a high speed, weaving in and out of taxis, making my heart leap into my throat and a sudden tingle surge in my pussy.

Finally, I get to his apartment door. I’m trying to contain my excitement as I can’t wait to fuck him. I step aside casually for him to walk past me and let me inside.

I feel awfully turned on and sexy, all dolled up in my tight black dress as I wait next to him. I brush my bouncy, just past shoulder-length straight blond hair out of my big blue eyes with my fingers. I used to be tomboyish but have grown up to be pretty girly and sexy since college. Since then, I’ve been getting a lot of attention for my flirty ways and tightly toned, lightly tanned body.

My dad got me into NYU not my grades. Since he had worked as a janitor there for years, I think it helped my application. Maybe I’m not as book smart or well off as some of my NYU girls, but my all-American cute blond look along with my very social and carefree attitude has always made me popular and the hit of every party. Maybe I’m a little ADD and nuts, but I have fun and my buddies love to laugh with me at all the crazy stunts I’ve pulled over the years. So I’m a little crazy, and love to party and look good. Is that so bad?

As I watch Johnny in front of his apartment door, I admire his hotness as he fumbles around his pockets for his keys. I savor the moment as I take in his muscular physique, dark blond hair, sexy brown eyes and manly square jaw. He might not be the brightest or most modest guy I’ve dated, but he was nice, fun and so incredibly good in bed, that I was willing to overlook the other things.

Standing next to him, I’m aware that he smells like a man with a light musky aftershave, and it’s making my knees weak. I put my finger to the corner of my pouty, full lips and suck my fingertip absentmindedly with a sly smile, lost in thought about him and how sexy he looks and smells tonight.

I’ve been on and off again with Johnny, a hot actor who picked me up a few months ago. He’s been in a few soap operas. One night I was partying with my girls walking down the street, and he rode by on his motorcycle, turned around and came back to talk to me.

The sexual attraction was undeniable and things moved fast. We’ve only had sex a few times so it’s not too serious and I’m not sure if it will be. But he’s so hot. And so good in bed. I’ve been having so much fun fucking him when he’s in town.

Finally, Johnny finds his key and opens up the door. He flashes me a sexy smile as he ushers me into his stylish NYC loft apartment. As I walk in, my heart beats faster and I get more excited by the chic and sexy modern ambiance of his place. I’ve been waiting for tonight, Valentine’s Day, to get laid again finally.

He was away in LA for auditions for a few weeks, and I’ve been horny as hell lately, eagerly waiting for his return. I’ve been playing with myself every day, and even thinking about calling up one of his hot friends. It was tough but I thought better of it.

He has two best friends, Tony and Chuck. Tony is a distractingly good looking Italian stud with muscle on muscle all over his hot bod. Chuck is a nice guy but not even remotely attractive to me. We’ve all hung out in a group before, and I think they both like me. I mean, I think they’d both fuck me in a heartbeat.

Johnny’s been gone for weeks and I did think about calling Tony to see where it’d go. It’s not like Johnny and I were exclusively dating. Hell, I was so horny all the time lately, I would’ve probably given in and let Chuck fuck me, despite his creepy staring habit.

But finally, Johnny’s back in town tonight and I plan to fuck him all night long. But I’m a little distracted because he’s been torturing me all night with a “surprise” he has for me. And I’m going crazy wondering what it could be.

“Babe, have a seat, get comfortable. I’ll get you some wine.”

“So when are you going to give me my surprise?” I’m in a great mood but I’m getting a little impatient with his teasing. He’s been holding it over me for days. I’m not sure if I like surprises.

“Relax, babe!” He coaxes, “I promise we’ll get to it and it’ll be worth it. Hang out for a minute. I’ll be right back with our drinks.”

He goes to the kitchen while I take a seat in the living room on the couch, adjusting my skirt and crossing my silky, black hose covered legs. I glance to the right at the bed a few feet away. It’s a cozy studio apartment in the city but it’s larger than average, and he’s done a good job with the setup.

I flash back to the last time we had a wild passionate night, fucking for hours on that bed. My pussy stirs and I feel myself getting wet as I think about it.

I look up and to the left, where there’s a loft for his roommate. A wicked smile crosses my lips as I think back about that night we gave his roomie a damn good show.

At first, I was a little uncomfortable that night when Johnny told me that his roommate was up in the loft as we were making out. But I was so turned on. And it didn’t take much convincing when he assured me that his roommate was sleeping and didn’t care.

Before I knew it, he had me stripped naked on his bed in the living room. The lights were on and dimmed. After a heavy make-out session, he took me from behind, doggy style. I was naked, on all fours on the bed, as he firmly pumped his thick cock in my wet pussy over and over.

I remember how I steadied myself on the bed with my arms, so he could easily plunge his hard dick all the way inside me. I had my back arched and my ass up, moaning loudly as I felt my tits bounce every time he slammed deeply inside me. In a way, just knowing that his roommate was up there in the dark watching us, made me cum even harder and scream even louder.

Oh God. My pussy juices were flooding my panties as I thought about it. I squirm in my seat, feeling the slippery sensation between my legs. I was starting to get restless again when Johnny finally appeared with my wine.

“Hey, baby. Here’s your wine.” He hands me the wine glass with a sexy smile.

I take a slow, long sip and savor the dry Merlot. It hits my stomach with a warming and soothing finish. I’m pretty buzzed already so I set it down on the table next to me.

“You know, Johnny…I have a little surprise for you, too.” I run my hands along his manly arms and grin at him mischievously.

“Oh, yeah?”  He looks at me as he sips his wine and sets it down.

“Well, I picked out a little Valentine’s Day lingerie today…just for you.”

“Mmm, well let’s see it, babe.” His voice drops to a low sultry tone. His brown eyes grow darker and as he looks me dead in the eyes, making my heart pump faster. I hear sex in his voice and see it in his eyes.

I stand up and walk towards the bed. Spinning around to face him, I brush my long blond hair out of my eyes. I watch him watch me, as I slowly and seductively strip out of my clothes for him. I unzip my dress and slink out of it. As it drops to the floor, he stares at me and smiles approvingly at my outfit: a black and red bustier, tiny thong and silky black thigh highs. It’s a tight laced up corset that pushes my ample tits up and out.

“Ooh, baby…you look fucking hot.” He smiles devilishly as he gets up from the couch and comes over to me. “Time for your surprise…”

* * *

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Or start at the beginning and get the first and second story to the series. These Valentine’s Day erotica stories can be enjoyed individually, in any order, and at anytime.

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PS – Watch this space for updates on Bound and DPed, including where you can buy it online.

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  • This excerpt left me wanting to see what comes next. The point of view of the young lady as her mind reels through the experience and the steady building of anticipation leaves the reader with a palpable sense of necessity to get to the next page(not unlike gasping for air). If this is what the rest of the book is like, count me in!

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