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May 18, 2012

DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room – Confessions of a Stripper #2

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DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room – Confessions of a Stripper #2

In this second short story of her semi-autobiographical series, Confessions of a Stripper, erotica author Kitty Fine shares some of her sexy stripper experiences in “DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room.” When Kitty starts stripping at a topless club in NYC, she meets two hot guys who offer her a very sexy proposition. Completely turned on by her job and these two studs in the VIP room, will she give in and fulfill her fantasy of her first DP double team threesome?

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Excerpt from DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room – Confessions of a Stripper #2

“You are definitely the hottest girl in here. You’re gorgeous. That show was hot,” Joey tells me.

“Aw, thanks, sexy. What are you up to tonight?” I ask.

“It’s my manager’s birthday so I’m taking him out,” he answers. “I’d love a lap dance, gorgeous. Let’s go to the VIP room,” he says with a killer smile.

My pulse quickens. I just started this job and haven’t been up there yet. I’ve heard stories about the private VIP room and I wonder what might happen up there. What will I let happen?

“Sure, let’s go, babe,” I answer with a flirty smile and fake confidence. “C’mon, Steve,” he beckons to his manager. “It IS your birthday so it’s only fair that we both have some fun.” I continue smiling but my heart leaps into my throat. Now I have to perform for both of them? I look at their handsome faces, sexy smiles, and muscular bodies, and decide that I’m up for the challenge.

We go up the dramatic staircase to the VIP room. The bouncer outside the door sees me and the guys, and steps aside to let us in. He’s out there in case I need him, but I know that he won’t interrupt us. Inside the cool, dimly lit room, we head for the long black leather couches. The guys get comfortable as I approach them, expecting to give them a lap dance. But Joey has other ideas. I sit between them to hear him out.

“Babe, how about we do more than just watch?” I pause to look like I’m considering, although I expect to say no. Before I answer, he says, “I promise I’ll make it worth your while. Come on, gorgeous. We’ll definitely make it fun for you, too,” he coaxes. “What would it take, baby?”

He throws out some figures which gives me more time to think about it. He doesn’t know it’s not about the money for me. I’m not one of those girls who hook on the side.  I’ve always made that clear. Of course, they don’t know that I made one exception at the last strip club with my sexy sugardaddy. But that was different.

As Joey throws out more numbers and negotiates against himself, I decide to do it. Coming off the stage not long ago, I’m still turned on. Watching these two hot guys check me out and propositioning me gets me even hotter. And the thought of my first threesome with these two studs is making my heart beat faster.

“Okay, let’s do it,” I agree. The guys beam big smiles at me. I start with a lap dance, giving them a private show and teasing them. As I dance and grind on them, their hands roam up my legs and massage my ass. This eggs me on even more.

“Why don’t you give the birthday boy a blow job?” Joey asks while he rubs my ass. I smile and look over to Steve. He smiles and leans back. I lean over on the couch to unbuckle and unzip him. He wiggles his pants down and his hard cock springs out. I capture it firmly with my hand at the base and tease the tip with my tongue.

“Mm, happy birthday,” I murmur against his smooth shaft. As I tease, lick and suck him on the couch, my back is arched and my ass is in the air. I feel big warm hands rubbing my ass and pulling down my thong.

* * *

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