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Jun 12, 2012

Forgive Me, Father (Priest Ex-Step Daddy and Catholic Schoolgirl Daughter Sex)

 Forgive Me Father

Buy  “Forgive Me, Father” now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Forgive Me, Father

Maria, 19 year old Catholic schoolgirl and transfer student, wants to finish her last year with a bang. Sexually frustrated and ready to move on from her ex-boyfriend, she plans to lose her virginity in church with John. But when Father Mark, her sexy ex-stepdad parish priest, catches them in the act, she decides she’s not leaving the pews until she gets what she wants.

Warning! This erotic short story is about 3,300 words long and contains adult material that may offend including: m/f ex-stepdaddy / daughter sex, priest sex and virgin sex in the church pews with multiple mind-numbing orgasms, as told from a naughty Catholic schoolgirl’s point of view.

Forgive Me, Father – Ex-Step Daughter and Daddy Sex

It will be available soon on other sites like, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords. Right now, you can get it on Amazon.

Buy  “Forgive Me, Father” now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




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