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May 23, 2012

Free Kindle Erotica and Sale This Week on Confessions of a Stripper

       How I Became a Stripper - Erotica Sex Confessions of a Stripper #1    DP Double Teamed VIP Room

Hi Sexy!

I hope you’re doing great and have fun holiday weekend plans. I’ll be in Florida for a beach wedding so I’m loading up my Kindle for when I’m working on my tan on the beach.

As promised, here’s the update…I’m busy working on the third story in the Confessions of a Stripper series, and I hope it can be released on Friday. I don’t have the published link yet so please check for the new book link here on my blog, Amazon Author page, or Twitter page.

Free Kindle Erotica and Sale on Confessions of a Stripper

I’m feeling good going into this Memorial Day holiday weekend and I want to spread the love.

So to celebrate my amazing readers going into this fun holiday, I’ve just decided to extend the free promo on How I Became a Stripper for the next two days (5/23 & 5/24). AND I’m keeping the sale price of $.99 on the next story in the series, DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room until tomorrow.

This will be the last free promo for How I Became a Stripper, so today and tomorrow will be the last free days. So if you missed out earlier on picking it up while it was free, then go get it now!

THEN go get the next story in the series, DP Double Teamed in the VIP Room, for just $.99 – but it’s only on sale until tomorrow.

Spread the Love with Your Reviews

Even though these stories were just published, they’ve already received a few fantastic reviews. If you pick them up, I’d LOVE to get your review or feedback, too! As an indie author, it truly means the world to me. I read every single review and email, and I’m thrilled to have such great fans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dear, sexy readers!

Just send me your published review and as a thank you, I’m happy to send you a free title. Just let me know!

Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday weekend!



Your continued support keeps me writing and working on more steamy stories for your one-handed reading pleasure. Anything you can do to help means a lot to me.

How can you help? Here are some ideas:

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Thanks again, love. I really appreciate all your continued support more than you know!


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  • The only problem I had with this story was that it was only 31 pages. Thank you for writing a part two and releasing it right away. Nothing better then finding a naughty story to read and get excited over :). I’ll be checking out more of your stories!

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