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Dec 13, 2011

Lesbian Sex Story: College Sex First Time Sex – Girl on Girl

Short Story Description

Shy Natalie falls in lust with her college teacher, a sexy married woman. A virgin to sex and lesbian sex, she gets an intimate lesson from her teacher. In this erotic short story, she confesses every detail of her development of lust and her very first time sex – girl on girl sex.

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Excerpt from Lesbian Sex Story: College Sex First Time Sex Girl on Girl

She moved slightly closer to me, looking honestly concerned with an adorable frown lining her forehead.  I looked down, her eyes were too inviting as they searched for mine.  What the hell is wrong with me?

I looked up. I looked her square in the eyes and by some force, its origin unknown to me, I told her exactly why I couldn’t be around her.  After what seemed like an eternity of me confessing my sins, she just smiled and looked at me intently.

I hadn’t noticed it before but she was sitting considerably closer to me now, within reach.  I could smell her scent, a mixture of fruit and soap, a fresh smell that enveloped my senses and made me forget where I was for a moment.  It was in this intoxicating moment that she folder her arms around me, gave me a slight squeeze, then released me a bit and whispered in my ear “I’m sure there must be something we can do to remedy the situation”.

And then I felt it.  Her lips touched mine, they shaped into a kiss and involuntarily I kissed back.  But she held her mouth over mine, kissed me again and with her tongue she wet my top lip, then my bottom one, and slowly my lips parted and welcomed her tongue inside my mouth.


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  • Ooooo looks delicious.

  • I’d get that book. I love f/f/ stories. It’s hard to find them.

    • Thanks, Ray! It’s the only f/f story I have now. But I may write more.

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