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Aug 1, 2012

Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Short Erotica Story – Sex Education Lesson 1)

Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Short Erotica Story - Sex Education Lesson 1)

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Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Sex Education Lesson 1)

After transfer student Kelly moves into town and meets Dave, a sexy senior, she falls for his hotness and charm and gives in to his flirty sexual demands. He doesn’t know it but he’s about to take her virginity. She details how she gets her “sexual education” from him, including the art of oral sex and first time sex in his car. When she gets taken for a ride, she just may get what she’s looking for, by the climactic end of her first Sex Ed lesson.

This erotica short story of 3,242 words also includes bonus material and excerpts for other sexy erotica stories by Kitty Fine.

Warning: For adults 18+ only! This erotic short story contains explicit sex and language. All characters are 18+ and no minors are depicted in this work.

Contains: M/f explicit sex, a steamy oral sex lesson, public sex and virgin first time sex, and toe-curling orgasms.

EXCERPT for Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Sex Ed Lesson 1)

“Are you sure? Seems awfully out in the open. And we’re parked in front of someone’s house. Uh, I don’t know.”

“Nah, it’ll be fine. Come on.”

I look around the serene surroundings. The colorful autumn leaves light up the block in stunningly vibrant red, yellow and orange hues. It’s a beautiful day but nobody is outside near us. Occasionally, a car drives by the main road.

If my family wasn’t on their way back, I’d take him home. But we didn’t have a choice. We didn’t have anywhere else to go. And I was ready for a little fun with him right now.

I grudgingly agree. “Okay, I guess we can try it here.”

He looks at me with his big, sexy, brown eyes and gives me another smile that makes me melt a little. Then, he slowly leans in towards me. His manly scent envelopes me.

His lips land on mine as he kisses me. Softly, at first. Then his tongue pries my mouth open to tongue kiss me passionately. His deliciously sweet kiss puts me in a foggy haze momentarily. We kiss for a little while longer before we pull back.

The kiss is a little unexpected. We aren’t dating and we’re more like sexy friends. I decide I’m okay with that. It somehow makes it easier. I’m comfortable around him. And it’s just physical.

He looks around furtively. We’ve hooked up a couple times before. I know what’s coming next. His favorite thing.

“Take off your panties.”

I smile at his order. After I look around, I do as I’m told, and slowly wiggle out of my thong. I slide it under my mini skirt and down my legs. He watches me as he undoes his jeans.

I try to fight my rising nervousness. I may be new at this but I want to do it right.

“I want you to go down on me first for a while…like last time.”

I give him a little dirty-girl smile. He loves getting head. A lot.

He pushes his jeans down as I watch. Clearly, he’s ready for the next step in our “sex education.” He likes to give me private lessons on how to please him. It’s different. But oh so hot.

Buy Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Sex Education Lesson 1)

Buy it now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Available soon on Smashwords, Kobo and iTunes/iBookstore.

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