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Nov 1, 2012

Sex Education Bundle – 3 Erotica Stories

Sex Education Bundle - 3 Erotica Stories (Sex Education Lessons 1, 2, 3: Virgin Sex, Oral Sex, Spanking Sex Ed Erotic Stories)

Buy the Sex Education bundle now on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.

Sex Education Bundle – 3 Erotica Stories (Sex Education Lessons 1, 2, 3: Virgin Sex, Oral Sex, Spanking Sex Ed Erotic Stories)

Get this full erotica bundle of three sizzling hot, “Sex Ed” stories now from bestselling erotica author Kitty Fine — without the wait, and save over buying the stories individually. Click here to buy it now on Amazon. Or get it at Barnes and Noble.

Losing My Virginity: Taken for a Ride (Sex Education Lesson #1)

After transfer student Kelly moves into town and meets Dave, a sexy senior, she falls for his hotness and charm and gives in to his flirty sexual demands. He doesn’t know it but he’s about to take her virginity. She details how she gets her “sexual education” from him, including the art of oral sex and first time sex in his car. When she gets taken for a ride, she just may get what she’s looking for, by the climactic end of her first Sex Ed lesson.

Oral Sex Ed (Sex Education Lesson #2: Oral Sex in School and Female Squirting)

Young, oversexed Kelly gives in to her sexy thoughts during class and tries to pleasure herself discretely. When she gets caught by the hot football player sitting next to her, she gets a sexy proposition from him and gets more than she bargained for. How will she hone her oral skills in her next Sex Ed lesson in the classroom?

Spanked By My Teacher (Sex Education Lesson #3: Teacher Sex Ed, Spanking Sex Education and School Sex Ed Erotica)

When Kelly gets confronted about having sex in class by her hot teacher, Mr. Brown, he teaches her a lesson she won’t forget. She gets disciplined with her next “Sex Ed” lesson and learns the art of spanking sex.

Warning! This erotica short story is for adults 18+ only. Includes graphic content that may offend some including:   M/f explicit sex, a steamy oral sex lesson, public sex and virgin first time sex,  self pleasure, intense oral sex in school (for him and her), squirting, spanking sex, hot teacher sex in school, graphic high school sex,  and toe-curling orgasms.

Buy this Sex Education bundle now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Soon available on Smashwords, iTunes, and Kobo.


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