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Sep 27, 2013

The Games (Hot Exhibitionism Public Sex Erotica)

The Games erotica story
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The Games

When two young, sexy US athletes reunite at their party and sex-fueled sports camp, the sparks continue to fly and they can’t keep their hands off each other. She tells you from her point of view, how it all happens in his room and on the balcony for the crowd.

This erotic short story of about 11 pages or 3,600 words contains adult material from her point of view including: exhibitionism, public sex, oral sex, hot outdoor sex and multiple orgasms. Also includes bonus material excerpts of other Kitty Fine erotica titles.

Click here to browse and buy “The Games” now on Amazon.


“C’mon. Wanna go outside?” He gives me a devilish smile as he leads me over to the open sliding glass door. Breathing heavily and still recovering from my orgasm, I manage to smile back as I happily follow him to the balcony.

The warm but crisp summer air hits my naked body. My nipples are rock hard. But it’s comfortable and perfect weather. It’s just getting dark so we can see and hear the busy party sights and sounds below. We’re on the second floor so we can see the party people roaming around, screaming and laughing down below.

He grabs me and pulls me close for a deep, passionate kiss. As his perfect lips rest on mine and his tongue caresses mine, another surge of wetness flows between my legs. I’m throbbing so much, it feels like I have another heartbeat down below.

We stumble towards the balcony railing. There’s a nearby tree so we’re partially but not fully obscured from view. But really, anyone could see us if they just looked up.

I guess it wasn’t strange for here. Lots of public hooking up and outdoor sex, everywhere you look. But this was my first time here. If I wasn’t completely consumed and ready to explode, maybe I’d care.

He abruptly spins me around and I grip the balcony for support and bend at the waist. He kisses my neck from behind and reaches around to cup and fondle my breasts in front of the growing crowd.


Click here to browse and buy “The Games” now on Amazon.

Currently it’s available only on Amazon but it will be available later at other retailers.
No Kindle? You don’t have to wait – you can still read it now…online via the Amazon cloud or with a free app for Nook or the iPad.


  • Great book hot steamy sex!!! Keep it up

  • I wasn’t able to download for free, amazon wanted to charge me. I liked your other stories, sorry I missed this one.

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